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Mathematical models of resilience

Below, a series of videos summarizing and presenting our first results on the topic.

  • ''Mathematical approach to resilience: a 12'-overview'' was recorded for It provides a brief outline without mathematics of the evolution of our research from sparsity to resilience. This short paper can be found at The mathematical details of this talk can be found

  • "Thèse d'Erwan Beurier en 3 minutes" is a summary (in french) of Erwan Beurier's PhD dissertation entitled "Characterisation of organisations for resilient detection of threats".

  • "Characterisation of organisations  for resilient  detection of threats" is Erwan Beurier's defense (in french) recorded on November 3, 2020. It is a popularization presentation of his work at the interface between Category Theory, Statistics and Biology, without heavy mathematics and understandable with a basic background in sciences. It provides the categorical foundations of our approach.

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