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I was born in Cahors, France, in 1963. I graduated from Telecom Bretagne (Brest, France) in 1986 and from the University of Rennes (France) in 1997 (Ph.D.). From 1987 until 2000, I was with Thales. In particular, between 1990 and 1998, I was with Thales Avionics where my research as an engineer concerned speech processing for applications to speech recognition systems embedded in military fast jet cockpits. From 1998 to 2000, I was with Thales Nederland where I worked on the detection of radar targets in sea clutter. In September 2000, I joined Altran Technologies Nederland as a senior consultant. Since September 2002, I am with Institut Telecom, where I am currently Professor at IMT Atlantique (formerly, Telecom Bretagne). My research interests are described under the tab Research on this site.

Statistical signal processing

Detection, statistical hypothesis testing


Habilitation/accreditation to supervise researches

Sparse transforms

Wavelet transforms, statistical properties of wavelet coefficients

Category theory and complex systems

Dynamical systems, Memory Evolutive Systems


Rennes University

Ph.D. in signal processing & telecommunications:

Analysis of locally-stationary signals: wavelet decompositions and detection of significant coefficients


Telecom Bretagne

Engineering degree

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